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  Vāgnera Rezidence

The project “Vāgnera Rezidence” is a prestigious ensemble of 3 dwelling houses in the very heart of the Old Riga — at the intersection of Teātra Street and R. Vāgnera Street.

It is named after the prominent composer Richard W. Wagner, who lived and worked in Riga in the middle of the 19th century.

The ensemble of 2 renovated historic buildings and 1 newly built house that fits into the historic cityscape.

There are only 8 exclusive apartments. The buildings at 18 and 20 R. Vāgnera Street have been renovated whilst preserving the historic traits in the facade, functional structure and interior. For instance, the staircases and parapets of the 19th century have been renovated, and wooden windows have been replicated based on an authentic model.

The layout and interior of the apartments have been adapted to the contemporary requirements.

“Vāgnera Rezidence” is a safe and perfectly suitable choice for everyone who appreciates high standard of living.

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