Investment criteria:
We select our properties based on the following criteria:
  • Excellent location of property (city center, exclusive resort area or prestigious area)
  • Locations with high demand potential for rent or sales
  • For construction projects – only those in late or final stages of completion are considered
  • We demand absolute legal clarity with regard to title, permits and future infrastructure development
  • Potential for significant upside in the market, our projects must offer the possibility for not less than 10-15% growth within 5 years
  • We insist on stable/predictable administrative and political conditions as a prerequisite to any investment
  • Only areas offering strong potential for rapid growth and high demand are considered, for example, the Baltic States


Management Strategy: Buy & hold.
  • Short-term portfolio management goals: to ensure steadily appreciating valuations and positive profitability of the properties
  • Long-term goals: portfolio property sales after minimum investment term and reaching profitability goals
  • Projected profitability hurdle: no less than 20%